Jennifer Stamey

Jennifer Stamey , Ph.D.

Technical Support Consultant, Dairy Technical Innovations



Virginia Tech


Combine an expertise in herd-records, a guru of tech services and a passion for research, and you’ve got Jennifer. Those qualities make her perfectly suited for her role working with the field technical team. Jennifer provides the team with access to the data they use every day – whether it’s a product they use to build a new ration or assisting them with farm record access. Her role is to help them get the data they need to analyze and make decisions on farm.

Jennifer earned her bachelor’s degree in animal science and agricultural business management at North Carolina State University, her master’s degree in animal science from the University of Illinois and her Ph.D. in dairy science from Virginia Tech. In her role, Jennifer’s always looking for something better, whether that’s better automation, the ability to make better decisions, or better processes.

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