Katie Bradley

Katie Bradley , Ph.D.

Dairy Research Scientist

I’m excited to work on new quality products to push the dairy industry forward.



Clemson University


Dr. Bradley  joined Purina in 2012 and has published extensively in the area of ruminant nutrition, primarily examining the activities of ruminal microorganisms and the processes of biohydrogenation.

“High-fat rations can help meet the energy demands of milk-producing cows,” says Dr. Bradley. “But not all fats are the same. You have to consider how it will impact microorganisms in the rumen, the health of the cow and the duration of lactation. Because there are so many fat supplements on the market, we advise people to pay attention to the feed form, the saturation and digestibility of the fat, and the other ingredients of the ration.”

Dr. Bradley’s research expertise and interest includes:

  • Understanding the impact feeds have on the microorganisms in the rumen.
  • Strategically utilizing specific fatty acids to improve performance of dairy cows.
  • Developing new products and feeding strategies for dairy cow nutrition.

“Propel® Energy Plus is a product I’m very proud of because it’s a great example of customizing an ingredient to meet the needs of dairy producers,” says Dr. Bradley.

Her doctoral degree from Clemson University focused on feeding fats and the impact of specific fatty acids on the microorganisms in the rumen. Upon graduation, she worked at Michigan State University to explore how fats impact the dairy cow and production of milk components.

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