Andre Pereira

Andre Pereira, Ph.D.

Nutritionist, Dairy Technical Solutions

Purina has a history of doing what’s best for farmers. I look forward to being part of a company with such high-quality work providing the best products available to fit farmers’ needs.



Pereira’s work focuses on dairy cattle nutrition, supporting the new ration balancing software and providing training and assistance to field technicians and sales throughout the country.

“The dairy industry is in a constant state of discovery,” says Pereira. “The new research available in nutritional models, animal physiology and improvements in feedstuffs is what keeps the field interesting and provides new opportunities to researchers and producers.”

Pereira’s expertise and interests include:

• Nutrition modeling
• Improving production efficiency
• Alternative feedstuffs

Pereira holds a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in his home country of Brazil. He worked as a veterinarian focusing on herd health, reproduction and nutrition before attending Louisiana State University to peruse his master’s degree in animal science. Pereira’s research focused on increasing nitrogen efficiency of late lactation cows. He holds a Ph.D. in animal and nutritional science from the University of New Hampshire where he studied energy and protein efficiency and environmental impacts when feeding ground field peas to lactating cows supplemented with rumen-protected amino acids.

Before joining the Purina Animal Nutrition team, during his Ph.D., Pereira also worked with the GreenFeed System, evaluating methane and carbon dioxide emissions from cows fed a variety of diets.

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