Brenda de Rodas

Brenda de Rodas , Ph.D.

Director, Swine Technical Innovation



Oklahoma State University, Stillwater


Some might call her a swine data master – we call her Brenda de Rodas. While Brenda is reviewing data from the latest Farm study, she’s planning the next study. Her goal? Help swine producers keep pork production sustainable to feed the world.

Brenda’s focus on pork production comes from her international roots. She grew up in Honduras and became interested in pigs while working with the agriculture department on rural development projects. There, she volunteered to teach pork production to women in rural areas. She came to the U.S. for her education where she earned her master’s degree in animal science and Ph.D. in animal nutrition from Oklahoma State University.

Like Brenda, her research team never rests. They execute studies from start to finish all so Brenda can hand-deliver the latest study results to the new product development team. You see that bag of Purina pig feed over there? Brenda’s team probably had a hand in creating it.

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