horse and a foal

Our Horses, Our Edge

We Trust Our Horses to Keep Us Honest


We don’t take anyone’s word for it. Or accept the old rules.

We don’t even believe everything in the petri dish until we’ve seen it in the bucket.

What matters is finding the greatness in every horse. And our horses help us do it.   

The horses on our farm, and in hundreds of field tests around the country, tell us what we’re doing wrong and what we’re doing right.

They tell us when we’re on the right track and when we’re completely off it.

They tell us what questions to ask next.

Yes, we have world-class nutritionists and a phenomenal research center.

But horses speak louder. And we listen. 


Outlast® Supplement, at last.

Don’t wait for your horses to tell you why they have gastric discomfort. Introducing, new Outlast® Supplement, the innovative supplement that supports gastric health and proper pH in stressful situations. Give Outlast® Supplement to your horse to help protect their stomachs from all the things life throws at them. Outlast® Supplement and Feed is now available at your Retailer.

One of the Most Innovative Feed Companies in the Country

Scientific Research

Over the last 100 years, we have conducted thousands of research studies on our working farm. We make it a priority to devote time and resources to science that leads to premium quality feeds. Our facts are collected in both the library and the barn. And with direct input from our horses, we’re able to create a feed that meets stringent criteria for efficacy and benefit to the animal. Why do we do what no other research company is doing? Because greatness is waiting.

Field Tested

Our feed is developed under the controlled scientific conditions of countless field tests, as well as with feedback from horse owners about what is and isn’t working. This allows us to deliver a feed that’s proven to work on different breeds managed in different ways.

Constant Nutrition

What’s the difference between fixed formula and constant nutrition? Instead of focusing on the same ingredients that go in each bag, we focus on the same nutrition coming out. With a steady stream of nutrition your horse can reach its full potential.

See the Science Behind our Innovative Feeds


Meet Team Purina’s Equine Nutritionists

Our equine nutrition team is made up of a team passionate Ph.D.’s, as well as horses that help with the research.