An Unmatched Dairy Nutritionist Network with Research-Based, Farm-Proven Solutions

When you’re faced with a dairy cattle nutrition or management challenge, we have the tools to help you solve it.


More Than Feed

The best dairy nutritionists go beyond the feed in the bunk. We explore all aspects of your dairy to uncover opportunities and provide solutions. But don’t take our word for it. Get a first-hand account from dairy farmers like yourself.


Digging Deeper to Help You Solve Any Challenge

Full-farm Consulting

Our dairy nutritionists look at all aspects of your farm – from calf management to forages, herd health to cow comfort and more – to customize solutions that work for you

Unparalleled Expertise

No one person has all the answers. We bring together Ph.D. expertise, dairy nutritionists, researchers, veterinarians and agronomists to help you face any challenge.

Backed by Science

Every recommendation is backed by years of research at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center and tested on-farm, delivering proven, practical results.

Unique Herds, Unique Solutions

What works for one herd might not work for the next. Hear how dairy farmers around the country overcame challenges and found solutions that worked for them with the help of their dairy nutritionist.