Three Keys to Night Hawk Dairy’s Calf Feeding Program

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There’s no beginning or end on a dairy farm. Great calves grow into great cows and great cows give you great calves.

At least, that’s what Jim Leick, co-owner of Night Hawk Dairy believes. He focuses on three areas to set up his calves for success.

See how Night Hawk Dairy cares for their calves.

A complete calf nutrition program

Jim makes it a breeze for his calves to unlock their inner greatness. In fact, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Two gallons of hand-fed colostrum within 24 hours after birth
  2. An all-you-can-eat, full-potential milk diet with automatic calf feeders
  3. Ample amounts of Purina® AMPLI-CALF® starter and grower
In just three easy steps, calves at Night Hawk Dairy enjoy the royal treatment on a complete nutrition program.

Data-driven decisions

The scale is a calf’s best friend at Night Hawk Dairy. Why? Because the Leick’s move calves based on weight and not age. Each heifer’s stats are recorded and progress plotted every 10 days. This data helps Jim better manage calves, know if goals are being met and understand where to find that next ounce of greatness. Some would even say data is his passion project.

An innovative mindset

From genomic testing to a colostrum pasteurizer, the Leick family invests in what’s best for the calves. No one said technology had to be complicated. In fact, Night Hawk Dairy has found that something as simple as an exercise ball can help reduce stress in group pens. Who knew?    
Learn how to feed a complete, step-by-step nutrition program to deliver on the promise of each newborn calf, her potential as a growing heifer and maximize her performance as a cow.