Greatness doesn't just happen.

Greatness doesn't just happen.

The AMPLI-CALF® Program unlocks the potential for as much as 6,588 pounds more milk through 3 lactations.1 Sound too good to be true? Animals speak louder than words.

Nurture the Greatness in Your Calves

Meet the Night Hawk Dairy Farm

Raising the Future of Night Hawk Dairy

See how Night Hawk Dairy found success with the AMPLI-CALF® Program.

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AMPLI-CALF® Program is a complete calf nutrition package

A Complete Calf Nutrition Package, No Add-Ons Needed

Not all calf programs are created equal.

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Collecting and reviewing heifer growth data to move your heifer raising program forward

Uncover Opportunities with Dairy Heifer Data

How to start a dairy calf benchmarking program.

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Want 6,588 pounds more milk?

Your early investment in the full AMPLI-CALF® Program will pay off in the bulk tank with as much as 6,5881 pounds more milk through three lactations.

1.Compared to calves fed an above average nutrition diet on the same farm. 314,760 lactation observations and 344 animals studied at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center from April 2007 to April 2017.