Transition slumps compromise your calf’s potential to become a high-producing cow. Keep your calves growing during the critical first six months of life with our Purina® AMPLI-CALF® Program. It’s a simple, three-step approach that features a proprietary blend of botanicals to enhance smell and flavor to the calf and provide immune function support.

Steps for AMPLI-Calf
Dairy Cows

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Feeding for Greatness

Laurelbrook Farm

Our Two-Year-Olds Are Ready to Milk

"Our two biggest areas of focus with raising calves and heifers is keeping them growing, and keeping them healthy. Currently, our calves are gaining about 106 lbs/head from birth to weaning. Better still, those first-calf heifers come in ready to make milk. At least 20% of our two-year-olds are peaking at 100 lbs/day or more.2,3"

Laurelbrook Farm, East Canaan, CT, 1,100 cows

Meadow Brook Farm calves

Just Look at the Calves

"In our calf barn, we’re at about 20 calves per nipple (and 60 square feet per calf) feeding between 2 ½ and 3 pounds of solids per day. It’s translated to 2 pounds of daily gain, so we more than double our birth weights by weaning with very little sickness. We’ve got a better environment for our calf feeder, the growth rates we’re looking for and great-looking, healthy calves."

Pete Kappelman, Meadow Brook Farm, Manitowoc, WI, 450 milking cows

Hear from Our Experts

Your early investment in the full Purina® AMPLI-CALF® program will pay off in the bulk tank with 2,740 pounds1 more milk in a cow’s first lactation. Feed and nurture your calves now to help them achieve greatness when they enter the milking string.

  1. 162,577 lactation observations and 713 animals studied at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center from April 2009 to October 2014.
  2. Van Amburgh, M, Department of Animal Science, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Association proceedings from 2006. Calf Nutrition and Management: Intensive Feeding, Calf Growth and Long-Term Performance.
  3. Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company research study conducted in 2011.