Purina® AdvanSST Performance™ Supplement

Purina® AdvanSST Performance™ Supplement

Rumen available starch is key to support high producing cow performance. Starch digestion in the rumen and intestines is important to support high levels of milk production – especially for early lactation cows that are energy deficient. Purina® AdvanSST Performance™ Supplement provides starch that is highly rumen available. Propionate, the rumen fermentation end-product of dietary starch, is absorbed through the rumen wall and converted by the liver into glucose. Lactating cows use glucose to support milk lactose synthesis, which determines milk volume. Fresh cow diets typically fail to supply adequate energy in the form of glucose due to lower intake during early lactation. Providing additional rumen available starch during the post-fresh period (1-30 days in milk) can help minimize mobilization of body reserves needed to close this glucose gap and to support higher levels of early lactation milk production.

Features & Benefits

Manages total tract and rumen starch availability without too much post-rumen fermentation

Formulated to optimize starch availability 

Exceptional handling properties

Provides consistency in delivery