Meet Night Hawk Dairy Farm

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The Leick family doesn’t rest on their laurels. Their appetite for innovation is the key driver for this 900-cow dairy in Stratford, Wis.

Cousins Jim and Chris Leick operate the farm under shared ownership, allowing each to focus on their passion – Jim works with the calves and Chris focuses on the cows. Together, they stay on top of new technology. Whether it be automatic calf feeders, genomic testing, nutrition solutions or activity monitoring, the duo seeks out ways to close the gap on where the herd is today and where they want to go.

“If we didn’t keep up with some of the new technology and try new things, we definitely wouldn’t get as much out of our animals,” says Chris Leick.

The Leick’s challenge their team of trusted advisors – including their Purina nutritionist, veterinarian and genetics team – to bring new ideas to table. No matter what the technology, Night Hawk Dairy is always ready to ask, “What’s next?”

Night Hawk Dairy believes calves are the future. Take a behind-the-scenes look at how they start them out right.