Purina® Home Grown™ Starter/Grower Medicated

Purina® Home Grown™ Starter/Grower Medicated

Purina® Home Grown® Starter/Grower Medicated chicken feed provides complete, consistent nutrition for raising laying chicks from hatch to laying age (18-20 weeks). This complete feed comes with 18% protein and quality nutrients to support proper growth. Medicated with amprolium (not an antibiotic) to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.  

Also available as a non-medicated feed.

Features & Benefits


Includes amprolium to help prevent coccidiosis; amprolium is not an antibiotic and is not affected by the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD)

Essential amino acids

Contains 18% protein and is enhanced with lysine and methionine to support muscle and skeletal development

Optimal combination of vitamins and minerals

Help chicks grow into healthy adult birds


Min / Max
Crude Protein
18.00 %
2.50 %
Crude Fiber
5.00 %
Calcium (Ca)
0.75 %
Calcium (Ca)
1.25 %
Active Drug Ingredient : Amprolium  0.0125%

Feeding Directions

Best Results
  1. Feed Purina® Home Grown® Starter/Grower Feed continuously as sole ration to laying chickens from hatch to 18 weeks or age of first egg.
  2. At 18-20 weeks of age, feed Purina® Home Grown® Layer crumbles or pellets free-choice. Be sure to gradually transition from one feed to the next. 
  3. Use as sole source of amprolium.
  4. Do not provide additional grain. 
  5. Provide fresh clean water at all times.
  6. Consumption will vary depending upon season of the year, nutritional needs of the animals and availability of other foods.
Store in a dry, well-ventilated area free from rodents and insects. Never use moldy or insect-infested feed.
A feeding program is only as effective as the management practices. Actual results can vary depending upon feed intake, environmental conditions and the quality of management practices.