Get strong eggs with Oyster Strong® System Only in Purina® premium layer feeds

Level up with our unique blend of oyster shell, vitamin D and manganese required for strong shells and healthy hens.

Oyster Strong System

Shell-Strengthening Nutrients in Every Bite

Help say goodbye to soft shells. All Purina® premium layer feeds are infused with the Oyster Strong® System to ensure your laying hens achieve a consistent supply of calcium through a blend of oyster shell, vitamin D and manganese. These three ingredients work together to help your chickens produce strong-shelled, delicious eggs each day.

An egg split into three sections representing the three main parts of the Purina Oyster Strong System.

The Oyster Strong® Difference

Hens that lack proper calcium levels typically produce soft or brittle eggshells. Sometimes an improper calcium balance can cause hens to pull calcium from their bones to produce eggshells, weakening their overall skeletal structure.

The Oyster Strong® System utilizes larger particles of oyster shell to provide a slow and steady release of calcium during the night when hens are forming eggshells. Vitamin D is like the taxi that gets the calcium into your hen’s bloodstream where it’s needed, while manganese helps strengthen and create the structure of the egg. The Oyster Strong System ® brings all three nutrients together to help your hens make strong, healthy eggshells.

Choose a layer feed with the Purina® Oyster Strong® System to help your hens lay strong and stay strong.

Which layer feed + Oyster Strong® System is right for your flock?

Layena Pellets or Crumbles

Purina® Layena® Pellets or Crumbles

  • Our most popular layer feeds
Layena+ Omega 3

Purina® Layena®+ Omega-3

  • Includes added omega-3 fatty acids for your health
Purina Organic Layer Pellets or Crumbles poultry feed

Purina® Layena®+ High Protein

  • Includes insect protein
Purina® Organic Layer Feed

Purina® Organic Layer Feed

  • Certified USDA Organic
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See Why Other Flocksters Recommend the Oyster Strong® System

Hear what happy chicken raisers across the country say about Purina® layer feeds with the Oyster Strong® System:

“When I switched to Purina® Layena® with Oyster Strong® System feed , I immediately noticed a difference. Not only does the food last longer, the eggshells are strong and my hens are happy. I wouldn’t use any other feed for my hens.”

– LJ33 BackYard Chickens member

“Hey Chicken People: I’ve been consistently feeding Purina® Organic layer feed to my birds and they’ve been laying great ever since. Shells are firm and the birds are happy – which is the best news ever! Thanks Purina!”

– Justino, Purina® Organic layer feed online product reviewer