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How Egg Production is Affected by Age

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The first year that birds lay eggs will be the most eggs you get from those birds. They will lay fewer eggs each year after that.

Years 1 & 2 will be productive years

When a hen approaches 3 years, she will begin to lay fewer eggs. In years 4-6, egg production will drop off. Between years 6 and 8, most hens will stop laying eggs.

30 weeks = peak production

Hens will be at peak production at about 30 weeks of age.

A hen can continue to be a valued member of your flock as she ages and slows or stops producing eggs (6 years of age). Retired hens provide great companionship and often become leaders in their flocks, showing younger birds the ropes.

Feed a Purina® complete layer feed to help hens lay strong and stay strong.

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