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Trace minerals help with cattle performance from the inside out. When cattle receive appropriate amounts of trace minerals, it creates a myriad of benefits, including increased conception rates, better hoof health, improvements in semen quality or ensuring heifers are pubertal faster.[1],[2]

“Trace minerals are the spark that activates many of the biological systems for cattle,” says N.T. Cosby, Ph.D., cattle nutritionist with Purina Animal Nutrition.

Trace minerals help cattle maintain the function and integrity of the body both internally and externally. Four of the most important trace minerals are:
  • Zinc: Vital for skin integrity and hoof health. Also, helps with the gut barrier and absorption of nutrients.
  • Cobalt: Involved in the rumen synthesizing B vitamins, especially B12.
  • Manganese: Helps with the development of newborn calves, from overall structure to collagen creation and bone formation.
  • Copper: Works with zinc for immune support to help cattle respond better to health challenges.

Verified performance

Zinc, cobalt, manganese and copper are found in Zinpro® Availa® 4, a trace mineral package that can be added to Purina® Wind and Rain® mineral.[3]

“To realize the full benefit of trace minerals, cattle have to consume it consistently,” says Floyd Sutton, key account manager for Zinpro. “That’s why Purina is so great to work with because they are experts in designing products for consistent consumption.”

Purina is the first feed manufacturer to participate in a new verification program with Zinpro’s trace mineral packages. Any Purina® products containing the research-recommended amount of Zinpro® additives will feature a Zinpro® Verified labeling badge on the product tag. Zinpro® Verified products include Wind and Rain® mineral containing Zinpro® Availa® 4 and Purina® Wind and Rain® ProCycle® mineral, which features Zinpro® ProPath® 4.[4]

“Zinpro and Purina have a good working relationship, and this program demonstrates that for both research-driven companies,” adds Cosby.

The Zinpro® Verified program is available to other participating feed manufacturers who can regularly demonstrate that their formulations contain the research-recommended amount of trace minerals from Zinpro. What makes the Zinpro® Verified program so unique with Purina is the proven, consistent intake of Purina® products.

“The research rate is 7 grams as fed per head per day for Zinpro® Availa® 4, and that’s where you can get your best potential economic returns when cattle consistently consume mineral,” says Sutton.

Consistent consumption matters

In addition to being Zinpro® Verified, something that sets Wind and Rain® mineral apart is its consistent consumption, which is reinforced by the following abilities:
  • Palatability: Mineral is useless if cattle can’t, or won’t, eat it. Wind and Rain® mineral is designed for consistent consumption, so cattle eat what they need.
  • Bioavailability: Purina® minerals feature bioavailable ingredients because the more bioavailable the ingredients are, the better they’ll be absorbed by the animal and the more benefit you’ll receive in performance.
  • Weatherability: Wind and Rain® mineral’s large particle size and weather-resistant formula reduce mineral waste from wind and water.
Optimizing these three abilities helps ensure cattle consume the proper balance of 14 essential minerals and proper vitamin supplementation in just 4 ounces of Wind and Rain® mineral per head per day. Additionally, when feeding additives like Zinpro® Availa® 4, you’ll know your herd is also getting the full benefit of that product.

Visit or contact your local Purina® dealer to start a Zinpro® Verified mineral program.
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