Adding Value in Hot Cattle Market

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The summer isn’t the only thing bringing the heat this year, as cattle markets remain hot.

Participating in a value-added program can help ensure your calves command more profit potential when it comes time to market. Sale data compiled by Kansas State University shows a $7.36 cwt advantage nationally for calves enrolled in a value-added program.[1]

To help you capture more potential return for your nutrition investment, Purina offers two different value-added programs:
  • Purina® Wind and Rain® Mineral Value-Added Program: One of the first feeder calf marketing programs built to help drive producer profitability and provide cattle with quality vitamins and minerals from conception through weaning.
  • Purina® Plus Value-Added Program: An innovative preconditioning program that combines a complete nutritional foundation, proven health protocols and progressive management to distinguish high-value calves for a sale day advantage.
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[1] Smith, MJ; McCabe, ED; King, ME; Fike, KE; Rogers, GM; and Odde, KG. 2020. Region of Origin in the United States Affects Price Premiums Associated with Value-Added Health Protocols of Beef Calf Lots Sold Through Summer Video Auctions from 2010 Through 2018. Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station Research Reports: Vol. 6: Iss. 2.