Leading the industry
with innovation.

We’re committed to doing what’s best for animals. That’s why we’ve dedicated our entire lives and all our research to discovering what’s right for animals. And we don’t plan on stopping.

At the heart of everything we do is our love, respect, and appreciation of animals

Everything we do is devoted to researching and discovering what’s best for animals. Purina believes that life is enhanced by raising animals, and the way we nourish them makes all the difference.

Purina Does What's Right, No Matter What

Our commitment to animals and animal owners doesn’t waver in tough times. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality, research-proven products, exceptional customer service and advocating for local communities, the environment and the future of the agricultural way of life.

Purina Cares About Animals and Animal Owners

Purina understands and cares about the unique needs of your animals and the importance of bettering their well-being, performance and health. Our team is made up of more than 500 Masters of Sciences, Ph.Ds., veterinarians, nutritionists, microbiologists, geneticists, and immunologists, all who share a passion for providing animals with the best nutrition for the best results.

Purina Adapts to Any Challenge

We’re on a mission to evolve the animal raising landscape to address challenges faced today and in the future. We’re persistently innovating new and optimizing tried and true feed technologies – driven by science and a love of animals – to deliver the highest value no matter the market conditions.

Continuously innovating animal nutrition

Purina is relentlessly seeking the next innovation in animal nutrition and targets relevant issues facing animal owners to help enhance their animal raising experience. We’ve conducted over 24,000 animal nutrition studies and counting to find impactful, accessible solutions for animals and their owners.

Our research is performed in fields across the country and on our 1,200-acre working farm in Gray Summit, MO, the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, where we care first-hand for over 3,000 animals, every single day, ensuring our outputs of research, knowledge, and product innovation work properly for the real-life needs of animals.

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Purina® Quality Guarantee

Expertise is nothing without a commitment to quality. That’s why we abide by industry-leading quality standards known as the Purina® FeedGuard® Nutrition System. All product quality is carefully monitored and strictly verified at each production phase to ensure animals receive exactly what they need to reach their full potential. We guarantee our products will meet your satisfaction, or your money back.

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Purina® FeedGuard® Nutrition System

Purina is dedicated to providing the highest-quality, research-proven products formulated with the best ingredients that meet our stringent quality standards to provide your animals with optimal nutrition.

Every Purina feed product and supplement must meet the high standards customers know and trust. Through the Purina® FeedGuard® Nutrition System, Purina Animal Nutrition works with trusted suppliers who work hard to continually source the best ingredients and we source only the best ingredients and only purchase those that meet our stringent quality standards. In fact, every year, thousands of tons of ingredients that don’t meet our strict nutritional standards are sent away.

Purina Animal Nutrition takes pride in exceeding industry standards. It is our commitment to our customers to ensure consistent nutrition in every feeding.

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