Peter Karnezos

Peter Karnezos , Ph.D., MBA

Director of Research and Product Development



Texas Tech University


Dr. Peter Karnezos has twenty-eight years of experience in national and international agribusiness, extension, and academic research. Peter obtained his Ph.D. from Texas Tech University in plant/animal interactions and his MBA from Purdue University. Prior to joining Land O’Lakes, Peter worked as Director of Sales and Technical Service, for The Old Mill Troy, manufacturing and distributing vitamin and trace mineral premixes to the Animal Feed Industry. He has worked with feed companies, nutritionists, and producers to design products and management strategies to improve on farm productivity and profitability. Peter is currently the Senior Director for Additives Research and Product Development for Land O’Lakes and oversees Purina Animal Nutrition’s Molecular Biology and Microbiology research laboratories in Gray Summit, MO.  He is responsible for developing products that improve animal wellness and productivity.

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