John H. Mahoney

John H. Mahoney, DVM

Director of Veterinary Services

Helping produce food for the world’s growing population is one of the most important things any person could do.



University of Illinois


Dr. Mahoney also provides veterinary support for research teams on new product and technology development, and veterinary support and training programs for Purina sales representatives, consultants, independent dealers, cooperatives, and dairy and beef cattle producers.

"It really is a privilege being part of the animal production industry. Not only do you work with some of the best people on earth, you get to apply your skills and abilities to do what’s right for the animals under your care," says Dr. Mahoney.

Dr. Mahoney’s research expertise and interests include:

  • Impact of nutrition on animal health and reproductive performance
  • Role of nutrition in minimizing transition dairy cow metabolic diseases

“I have been privileged to play a small role in the development, launch and support of many innovative nutritional products and technologies during my career,” says Dr. Mahoney. “It is very rewarding working with our research, marketing and sales teams to deliver these game changing technologies to dairy and beef cattle producers throughout the country. Being part of a team that takes an idea or concept to a tangible, thoroughly researched product that creates value for our customers is about as exciting as it can get.”   

Dr. Mahoney is a current member of the Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee for the American Veterinary Medical Association and the National Milk Producers Federation Animal Health and Well-Being Committee.

He earned his doctor of veterinary medicine degree from the University of Illinois and has been with Purina since 1981.

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