Jill Davidson

Jill Davidson, Ph.D.

Senior Manager, Research & Product Development

A big part of our process is recognizing what we don’t know so we can search for understanding.



Michigan State University


Since joining Purina in 2008, Dr. Davidson and her team have examined the role of rumen development in the young dairy heifer, increased utilization of amino acid formulation in lactating dairy diets and utilized feed to support cows' performance during heat stress seasons. She also works with the nutritional services and sales teams to connect the studies conducted on the farm with the success of Purina products and programs in the field.

“We take a systems approach in our research here,” says Dr. Davidson. “That means we consider how each stage in a cow’s life impacts her ability to perform within a dairy operation and how we can make nutrient delivery simple and consistent in every stage.”

Dr. Davidson’s research expertise and interests include:

  • Maximizing feeding strategies that improve replacement heifer growth and development
  • Developing nutritional products that positively impact animal physiology and production performance
  • Utilizing data and data analyses to optimize the performance of dairy production systems
  • Identifying creative solutions to tough challenges by combining scientific knowledge and applied research to arrive at practical solutions for the dairy industry

“I am most proud of the team effort that is instrumental in identifying solutions to support our dairy producers to achieve greater success within their operations,” says Dr. Davidson.

Dr. Davidson’s lifelong education in animal science started in the milking parlor on her family’s diversified farm in Sidney, Ohio, where she watched the dairy operations from her playpen. “I’ve worked with dairy cattle and livestock my entire life, and continue to discover and explore tools to support our industry, either with nutritional programs or management philosophies. The opportunity to grow up on a farm and discover the science and biology of working with animals has shaped my approach to my job at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center,” says Dr. Davidson.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science from The Ohio State University, a master’s degree with specialization in cattle reproductive physiology from the University of Florida and a Ph.D. from Michigan State University focusing on dairy nutrition and management. 

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