Luke Branquinho

Luke Branquinho



Luke is from Los Alamos, California. He joined the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in 2000. That year, Luke won PRCA Overall and Steer Wrestling Rookie of the Year. Since, he has won five world titles, over 2.4 million in PRCA earnings, qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo 14 times and won the WNFR average three times. Additionally, he has won Tour Finale titles twice and qualified 13 times. If you don't recognize his name, you'd likely recognize his dance moves. After each successful run in the arena, Luke woos the crowd with a quick happy dance that involves shaking his rear for the audience.

Luke's career highlights include:

  • 2001: Won the Calgary Stampede (Alberta), finished third in world standings with $111,350; first year at Wrangler NFR.
  • ​2002 Won the Sisters Rodeo (Oregon), finished fourth in world standings with $120,867.
  • 2004 Won his first world title, won three rounds and placed in three rounds at the Wrangler NFR, set the earnings record for regular season in steer wrestling ($125,625) and the single-season earnings record with $193,614, won the year-end steer wrestling title (California Circuit).
  • 2006: Finished second in world standings with $180,308, won three, tied for one and placed in seven of 10 rounds at WNFR making him the top money winner at the WNFR for steer wrestling ($95,613).
  • 2007: Finished regular season at the top of PRCA standings with $106,464, set a personal record of 2.7 second run at the Grand National Rodeo in San Francisco, and finished third in world standings.
  • 2008: Won his second world championship, set single-season earnings record of $242,018, won the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in steer wrestling.
  • 2009: Finished second in world standings with $200,186.Won the all-around and steer wrestling titles at the Dodge California Circuit Finals.
  • 2010: Won or tied for first in three rounds, placed in five at the Wrangler NFR. Won the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo.
  • 2011: Won his third world championship after winning two rounds and placing in seven rounds at the Wrangler NFR.
  • 2012: Broke the event record for round wins with 21 under his belt. Won his fourth world championship, tying him for second on the all-time list for steer wrestling.
  • 2013: Finished eighth in world standings with $124,984.
  • 2014: Won his fifth world title with $202,380, extended his event record at Wrangler NFR for round wins to 23, won the WNFR average title for the third time.

Luke's horses are fed Omolene 500 and Senior Active.

"I like to mix the Omolene 500 with Equine Senior Active. The Omolene provides the energy that my horses need through the whole rodeo. I like to complement it with Senior Active, it gives a little more of the Amplify nuggets, plus the prebiotic that will keep their immune system up and running. With all the hauling and different venues we go to, a healthy immune system is very important. The vitamins and mineral sthat each feed has is a big plus as well. Healthy horses mean they will work their hardest to get me to the pay window."

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