Kerry Kuhn

Kerry Kuhn



Kerry Kuhn’s passion for horses and training started at a very young age and has grown into a lifelong pursuit. Kerry was born in Medicine Lodge, KS, in 1975 and has worked with horses ever since. At the age of 12, Kerry started his first two-year-old colt with the help of his grandfather, Dale Lukens. From then on, Kerry was motivated to learn as much as he could about communicating with horses and spent many days working horses and gathering cattle for local ranches with his grandfather. In high school, Kerry competed in rodeo as a calf, team and steer roper and spent several years training young thoroughbreds at a local racetrack.

This diverse background built Kerry’s passion and love for communicating with horses and led him to see how important it was to help others become better leaders and communicators with their horses. Since the mid 90’s, Kerry has held horsemanship demonstrations and clinics at events such as Horse Expo Pomona, Equine Affaire, Equifest of Kansas, the American Royal and the Missouri Equine Expo. Kerry has also been a national ambassador for Purina's Equine Influential Team for many years and given numerous Horse Owner Workshop (HOW) demonstrations around the country.

Kerry’s ability with both a horse and an audience have led him to be a guest clinician at the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration, the featured clinician at the inaugural Arizona Horse Fair and Expo, and a judge for Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race World Finals. He served as the official clinician on “Best of America by Horseback” for several years, a popular show on RFD-TV. Kerry has also won numerous colt starting competitions in the last few years as these events have gained in popularity. His victories include Equine Experience (CA), the American Royal (MO) and most recently Equifest (KS).

“I’ve often found that as we try to improve our horsemanship, it can radiate out into our everyday lives and beyond’ says Kerry. Horsemanship is all about good leadership, patience and learning to be positive no matter what the situation. It is a skill we should live every day. I thank my granddad for helping me understand this and I look forward to helping you strive for it as well”.

Kerry is now training a horse from Purina's own Animal Nutrition Center. The horse will be given away in December 2017 to one of his Empower Team Members.

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