Katie Boesche

Katie Boesche , Ph.D.

Senior Technical Support Consultant



Purdue University


Katie is an educator first and foremost. She takes research and data and applies her real-world experience to create training materials Team Purina can use on the farm. She thrives on getting results on the farm from Purina research.

Katie’s got another audience top of mind, and that’s consumers. She believes we can and will produce enough animal protein to help feed a growing population, and her work plays an integral role in achieving that. From research to the consumer, Katie hopes her teaching can bridge the gap.  

After obtaining her Bachelor of Science at the University of Illinois, she earned her Master’s degree from Ohio State University and a Ph.D. from Purdue University. Katie is an Illinois dairy farmer at heart but is a transplant to Missouri where she gets her fill loving on the cows at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center.

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