Clay Elliott

Clay Elliott , Ph.D.

Companion Animal Nutritionist, Technical Solutions



Texas Tech University


Clay is a busy guy. He brainstorms new products and formulas for small ruminants to help meat goat and sheep producers resolve issues and improve their operations. He also runs his own herd of 400 sheep and has a competitive club lamb operation in Oklahoma.

As a researcher and sheep producer, Clay wears both hats to understand and attack problems affecting sheep and goat raisers. At the top of his list to permanently solve? Keeping copper contamination out of sheep diets. He would also like to see more raisers address lambing and kidding issues with nutrition.

Clay has a Ph.D. in reproductive physiology and a master’s in meat science from Texas Tech University. Prior to joining Purina, Clay worked in academia, teaching classes in meat science, livestock evaluation and production, and animal science, as well as training collegiate judging teams.


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