Steinhurst Dairy: 10 Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover on Dairy Farms

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Steinhurst Dairy in Creston, Ohio, understands that keeping their team happy is a critical part of keeping their farm efficient and profitable.

Here are 10 ways this seventh-generation dairy farm keeps a low employee turnover rate:

  1. Give more responsibility. Give milkers another responsibility, like calf chores, bedding or equipment maintenance, to keep them motivated throughout the day.
  2. Ask for hiring recommendations. Employees who enjoy and trust the team they work with are happier. It’s that simple.
  3. Avoid micromanaging. Empower employees do their job with your training and guidance.
  4. Start from the bottom. As a manager, starting at an entry level helps you appreciate and understand the work your employees do.
  5. Hold team meetings. Listen, listen, listen. Hold regular meetings with employees to address challenges head on and celebrate success.
  6. Create a positive environment. Yelling or screaming doesn’t help anyone improve. Staying positive, even with mistakes, builds trust. Employees that trust you will come to you when conflicts or issues come up.
  7. Deliver a detailed job description. Doing your part to help your employees succeed by setting clear expectations can result in a rewarding days work.
  8. Think before you react. More often than not, you’ve made the same mistake. Discuss a solution together so the employee can learn and make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  9. Show respect. Family or not, keep the golden rule front and center. Employees do their best for people who treat them well.
  10. Trust your team. Inspire your team to be experts in their work, who have the same goal as you - run a profitable, successful dairy farm while maintaining a good quality of life.
Steinhurst Dairy believes it requires a team effort fueled by respect and empowerment to meet their goals. Go behind-the-scenes to learn more about the Steiner family.
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