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Family. That’s the heart and soul of Steinhurst Dairy in Creston, Ohio.

Brothers Eric and Kurt Steiner, along with their uncle John, operate the family farm under shared ownership. Kurt’s son, Christian, also plays a role on the Ohio dairy farm.

In this family, dairy farming runs deep. You could say it’s in their blood and engraved in their DNA. With three generations currently working alongside each other, the 550-cow dairy has grown – passing through seven generations. Each generation leaves their mark on the farm’s legacy with continuous improvement to the farm.

“I want my kids to take over something they are proud of,” says Kurt Steiner. “That’s why it’s so important to do the best we can for the business while still providing a great way of life.”

This philosophy rings true as the farm undergoes a new building project.

“We tore down a couple of barns and a silo that were built in 1970 by my father in order to put up a new transition cow barn,” explains Kurt. “To get old facilities out and new ones in gives the next generation hope and something they can work for.”

Their dedication to family and animals is evident from the moment you meet them.

Steinhurst Dairy believes reaching goals takes a team effort. Go behind-the-scenes to see how a positive team environment for dairy farm employees is key for this farm’s success.

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