LAND O LAKES® Amplifier® Max

LAND O LAKES® Amplifier® Max

LAND O LAKES® Amplifier® Max, an original formulation, delivers a performance level of nutrition featuring an exclusive blend of fat sources that is more efficiently used by the calf to support immune function. LAND O LAKES® Amplifier® Max is now enhanced with exclusive active microbials. These active microbials, along with the existing feed technologies, help support a calf’s gut microbiome.

LAND O LAKES® Amplifier® Max is also available in Protein Blend, a blend of highly digestible proteins that complement each other. This product is enhanced with the exclusive active microbial that helps support the calf gut microbiome.
For optimal results, feed in combination with AMPLI-Calf® 20 Starter Feed through 12 weeks and transition to AMPLI-Calf® Grower Feed at 12-13 weeks-24 weeks of age.

Features & Benefits

Calf Growth

LAND O LAKES® Amplifier® Max calf milk replacer is research proven to deliver more total gain, improved starter intake and improved feed to gain rations compared to other 22:20 formulations.1

1 Based on Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products trials CT-10-12 and CT-8-13, 2013

Probiotics for Calves

Includes active microbials (aka probiotics) to aid in the early development of a healthy gut microbiome. A well-balanced gut microbiome assists calves in addressing health challenges, breaking down nutrients for energy and supporting immune responses.

Medicated Options

LAND O LAKES® Amplifier® Max calf milk replacer is available with medicated options.

Solids Balance

LAND O LAKES® Amplifier® Max is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your calves with an exclusive blend of proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates to support gut health.
Also available in Protein Blend option to save on investment cost without sacrificing calf performance.

Feeding Directions


Milk Replacer Mixing Instructions

Per calf twice daily:
  • 0.75 pounds of powder with water to make 2.3 quarts
Large batches:
  • 1.5 pounds of powder with water to make 1.14 gallon
Best Results
Begin feeding calf milk replacer on day 2 after colostrum feeding. Provide fresh, clean water along with a high-quality, palatable calf starter feed on a free-choice basis. Only use low sodium water (<50 ppm) for mixing milk replacer and feeding calves.
Water temperature for mixing calf milk replacer should be 110-120 degrees F. Calf milk replacer should be 105 degrees F when delivered to the calf. Always weigh calf milk replacer powder for accurate mixing.