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Partnership Leads to Success at Oak Spring Farms

Working with family isn’t always easy, but the end result is worth the challenge. As fourth-generation owners of Oak Spring Farms in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania, brothers Scott and Steve Wolfe know the best path to successful family farm partnerships is working together.

Watch the video to see more about what makes this family partnership strong.

“Some days it would be easier if we were both alike, but I’m not sure we would be able to see the whole picture if we’re both looking at it from the same angle,” says Steve. “The question is if we can find middle ground and make it work.”

And make it work they do. Steve focuses on crop production while Scott manages the cow side of the dairy. Together, they are building a progressive, successful family farm business they will be proud to hand off to the next generation of the Wolfe family.

They also attribute their success to the strong partnerships built outside the family, like the one they have with Purina Animal Nutrition.

“We’re always trying to improve, and I think Purina’s help and their guidance has made a pretty big difference,” says Scott. “It’s nice to have somebody that is aware of what’s going on with your family farm business and what your needs are. That is really advantageous.”

In trying times, the Wolfe family and their partners pull together to weather the storm.

“Every day is a new challenge, that’s for sure,” says Steve. “You just take them on as they come. There’s days when it’s harder than others, but there’s always something to look forward to.”

A positive outlook and strong family bond help them get through any challenges Mother Nature and the economy throw at them. For the Wolfe family, it’s the simple things in life that make it all worth it.

“Dairy farming is a lot of work, but it’s always been a great life,” says Scott. “I still get a thrill seeing the sunrise, still enjoy seeing that new calf born.”

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how Oak Spring Farms uses forages to boost cow production.

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