Dairy Cattle Nutrition: Going Beyond the Feed Bunk

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Building a dairy cattle feed ration is about more than just the feed that ends up in the bunk. It’s about partnerships built between you and your nutritionist to tackle challenges and find solutions that will yield better profits for your business. Learn how three dairy farmers partner with their Purina nutritionist to do what’s best for their herds.


Digging deep

Kurt Steiner, owner of Steinhurst Dairy, works very closely with his nutritionist, Allen Johnson, to determine how to make the most of his dairy cattle feeding program with his current finances. Kurt expects Allen to bring data-driven ideas and insights from other farms to keep the cows healthy and the farm profitable.

“He’s become more than a nutritionist for this dairy,” says Steiner. “Allen is one of these guys that is just part of our team. He has become family.”

All-in partner

“We look for a partner, not just a supplier,” says Lambert VanderMade, owner of VanderMade and FreshMade Dairy. “I’ve always believed in a full-service relationship where a nutritionist doesn’t just cover one part of the business.”

Lambert works with his nutritionist, Doug Phillips, to make tomorrow better than today. Whether it’s the day-to-day costs or new, innovative ideas that could help improve their farm, Lambert opens every alley of his dairy cattle operation to Doug so the farm can continuously improve. 

Committed to goals

An innovative mindset has allowed Night Hawk Dairy to build a strong relationship with their nutritionist, Mike Raasch. Mike and the farm’s owners, Chris and Jim Leick, work together to incorporate new technologies and research - helping them provide the best for each animal. 

“We like to work with our nutritionist to keep up with new technologies,” says Chris Leick. “We’re trying to get as much out of our animals as we can. And I think that’s what a nutritionist’s goal is too.”

Purina feed representatives go beyond the feed bunk to deliver results based on innovation, research and years of expertise. They’re consultants, challengers and idea generators. They’re your partner in dairy cattle feeding program.
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