When Should I Start Booking Cattle Feed?

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Booking cattle feed and mineral is all about risk management. It allows you to lock in the price of the supplements, mineral or feed ingredients for your herd. Having control of that input cost removes a layer of variability and provides an opportunity to lock in potential profits for your operation.
Planning ahead is another benefit to booking cattle feed. After all, two of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are:
  • Be proactive
  • Begin with the end in mind
Booking cattle feed allows you to be more proactive by creating a more concrete management and production plan for your operation, including how you expect to feed and what it will cost. This plan can help you make decisions that are favorable to your bottom line while optimizing your resources.
Not sure how much feed and mineral to book? That’s what we’re here for!
Your Purina sales representative, cattle consultant or dealer is happy to help run projections to help estimate the right amount for your operation. The Purina® HerdSmart® program allows us to input several variables specific to your herd to help select the right cattle nutrition program.
You can further optimize your cattle feed investment with the 6-4-0 Feed Financing Program. You can make zero payments for up to six months during the enrollment period while Purina covers your interest charge on select Purina® cattle products.
The 6-4-0 Feed Financing Program aims to align the payment schedule with marketing schedules, allowing you to pay for feed when it makes sense for your operation.
One use-case example: Enrollment for your spring-born calves begins July 1. Creep feed your calves until weaning, and precondition calves with Purina® starters and minerals. Ideally, calves will be ready to market and sell before the end of the enrollment period on December 31, and their income can be used to pay the feed bill.
Including your Purina representative while running profitability projections, mapping out feed strategies and identifying risk management tactics is a great way to proactively work toward your end goal of running a successful and profitable operation.
If you are interested in booking your cattle nutrition and having it financed, go to or contact your local Purina® dealer for more details on the 6-4-0 Feed Financing Program.

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