What Is Intake Modifying Technology in Cattle Supplements?

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Intake Modifying Technology® is found in Purina Accuration® cattle supplements. It encourages cattle to eat supplement multiple times per day rather than consuming it all in one meal. With Intake Modifying Technology®, cattle will eat a snack-sized meal of supplement, go eat forages, and return later for another meal of supplement, repetitively.

The goal is to provide continuous nutrition to a cow’s rumen bugs, which feed the cow. With a snack-eating approach, rumen bug populations thrive because they get adequate levels of protein, energy and minerals throughout the day. Snack-eating also helps stabilize pH in the rumen. A healthy population of rumen bugs at a stable pH creates efficiency and translates to better use of your greatest resource — your forage.

If you’re raising cattle on grass, the most economical feedstuff is your grass or hay. Cattle supplements with Intake Modifying Technology® can allow you to get more from your forages and potentially feed less total supplement.

Additionally, cattle supplement intake is directly correlated to forage quality. The higher the forage quality, the lower the supplement intake. As forage deteriorates, cattle will consume more supplement to meet their needs and maintain performance.

Purina Accuration® cattle supplements with Intake Modifying Technology® can also be used for better grazing distribution in pastures. You can move the supplements to underused areas of pasture to encourage better forage use. Additionally, these self-fed cattle supplements help reduce delivery costs (labor, vehicle depreciation, etc.) compared to daily delivery of hand-fed supplements.

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