Purina® Accu6

Purina® Accu6

Purina® Accu6 is a complete starter feed for weaner pigs with a minimum initial body weight of 12 lbs. This  pig starter promotes early intake and is designed to be fed during the first week post weaning, to provide 6 - 10 pounds per pig. This product is only available in bulk.

Features & Benefits

Complete starter pig feed designed for extended nursery budget

Ensures adequate Phase 1 diet consumption by weaned pigs when barn is filled over multiple days. It is not intended to substitue the use of more complex diets to support optimal growth for small pigs weighing less than 12 lbs at weaning.

Provides gut-optimizing technology

Supports gut health and gut integrity

Promotes early intake during post weaning transition

Early intake enhancing technologies creates eaters during first week post weaning

Product only available in bulk

Convenience of Phase 1 diet feed delivery, reduced labor and no handling of bags