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Create lasting connections and business success with the Purina Pig Sourcing Team. We go beyond contracting pigs to build trust and long-term relationships that benefit customers through efficient, profitable partnerships.

Our team strives to develop meaningful opportunities for producers, member cooperatives, feed dealers and integrated pork production companies by coordinating the supply of weaned pigs and feeder pigs.

The Purina Pig Sourcing Team supports the needs of pork producers of all sizes with:
  • Long-term sourcing contracts
  • Open-market inventories for short-term needs

With the Purina Pig Sourcing Team, you can be confident you’re getting a reliable source of high-quality pigs backed by our production expertise and commitment to your business success.

Contact us at (816) 243-6223 to discuss your pig sourcing needs or if you’re interested in selling pigs. You can also view the summary of our current weaned pig and feeder pig availability.

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