25 Tips for Using UltraCare® Gel

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The first gel nutritional product available for use in pigs, UltraCare® Gel supports hydration, activity and feeding behavior.

Its highly palatable formulation of liquid and dry nutritional components helps address the effects dehydration while easing the transition to dry feed.

Keep reading for 25 ways to use this unique product:

How to Feed to Pigs
  • Mat
  • Bowl
  • Feed trough
  • Mixed with dry pellets
  • Solid flooring
  • Creep feeder
Young Pigs
  • At risk; runt; disadvantaged piglets
  • Hospital/recovery/health/special-care piglets
  • Feed during transition from milk-replacer to dry feed
  • Feed in farrowing crate to decrease weaning stress into nursery
  • Feed in nursery to ease transition to dry feed
  • Provide to the smallest 10 percent of weaned piglets, regardless of weight
  • To minimize transportation/hauling/long-distance movement
  • For receiving transported pigs
  • Feed around vaccination time(s)
  • Use as a ‘treat’ for racing porkers
  • Off-feed
  • Hot weather
  • At farrowing time
  • In conjunction with an unpalatable laxative 
Boar Studs
  • Off-feed
  • Use as a treat or reward for a job well performed
Grow-Finish Pigs
  • Off-feed
  • Provides nutrients for show pigs during events
  • Pigs that are sick or in the hospital pen