Purina® Progress to Profit® Program

No matter what your goal is, we have nutrition solutions to help you meet it.

Purina® Progress to Profit® Program

No matter what your goal is, we have nutrition solutions to help you meet it.

Swine Feed Technologies as Unique as Your Business

The Purina® Progress to Profit® program is a customizable suite of complete feeds and feed technologies formulated to meet pigs’ changing nutritional needs from wean to finish.

Our pre-starter and starter feeds are formulated to encourage early and repeat feed intake as soon as pigs enter the nursery. All our feeds contain ingredients that support gut function for optimal pig performance from start to finish.

We are here to help you find the best combinations to maximize your pigs’ performance.

Straight to Your Bottom Line

Pig Weight Gain 101: Maintain Feed Intake

Diet changes and other stressors cause dips in feed intake, and it can take a pig several days to recover performance. The right combination of nutrition and management can minimize dips in feed intake so your pigs stay on track to meet performance goals. 

Win the Race to Weight Gain

Get the Best Return on Your Swine Feed Investment

You can’t afford performance lags because each pig performance phase impacts the next. The right nutrition at the right time helps pigs avoid potential lags starting on the first day in the nursery and continuing through finishing. Our feed technologies and management insights can help you drive performance potential no matter what your goals are.
Swine Nursery Weights

Nursery Weights Predict Lifetime Pig Performance

Our research shows end-of-nursery weights are the strongest predictor of finishing weights and an important predictor of lifetime pig performance.

See The Research
Ultracare Swine Feed

Three Tips to Boost Weaned Pig Feed Intake

Pouring feed into the feeders is only the first step to meet the pig's needs in the first 3-4 days post-weaning. 

Repeat Intake Matters
Gut Health

Why Is Gut Health the Key to Weaning Pig Immunity?

The swine industry standard of 21-day weaning coincides with a low point in the young pig’s immune system.

How to Support Immunity

Maximize Your Profit Potential

Maximize your profit potential with Purina® products, from the nursery all the way through finishing, including products for your sows. Our sales specialists are passionate about making you successful.