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The advent of each new year signals the start of a new farrowing season of prospective young show pigs.

Renewed excitement fills each show pig producer’s heart with the thought of a new generation of pigs from new or improved genetics.

When are Pigs Born? 

January through March is the period in which most show pigs are born within the United States. The southwest (Texas and Oklahoma) has a huge number of show pigs, but most of these animals are born from late July through early October. The same principles and products apply to both farrowing seasons.

Show Pig Feed

Show pig breeders make large investments in genetics, (boar semen costs anywhere from $500 to $3,000 /sow, and replacement gilts) and it is imperative to provide the utmost in cutting edge show pig feed. Breeders depend upon pre-starter and starter feeds to make their pigs look their best for prospective customers.

Show Pig Feeding Program 

Pigs weaned at 18 to 21 days or that weigh approx. 12 lbs. can be fed HONOR® Show FIRST WEANTM 219. This product is complex, nutrient dense and formulated to support intake and growth of pigs weighing at little as 12 lbs.

FIRST WEANTM 219 contains an acidifier to make the feeds closer in pH level to a sow’s milk, and improve palatability and digestibility of the feeds. Yucca schidigera extract is also included to improve air quality in nurseries and aid in growth performance. FIRST WEANTM 219 is formulated to provide specific lactose levels that support growth and performance in young piglets.

Once pigs reach 15 lbs. they can be transitioned to HONOR® Show FIRST WEANTM 319. This supplement is also very complex and contains the same additives as HONOR® Show FIRST WEANTM 219. All HONOR® Show FIRST WEANTM pig starter feeds have a very high caloric density to fuel fast growth and bloom.

The worth of a young show pig is determined by its appearance. Therefore, it is important that pigs look their very best for the breeder at the time they are offered for sale. Providing fresh feed is imperative for early intake, subsequent growth and appearance.

Show Pig Feeding Chart

The following is a feed budget for newly weaned show pigs:
(lbs. per pig)
(lbs. per pig)
(lbs. per pig)
12 to 15 lbs. 3 to 5
(1 bag/litter)
15 to 25 lbs.  
13 to 15
(2-3 bags/litter)
25 to 50 lbs.  
30 to 40
(7-8 bags/litter)
Nursing pigs will not begin nibbling or consuming feed until about 10 days of age. At that time, offer the creep feed on a mat for 3 to 5 days and then transition to a small creep feeder. It is important to creep feed with the same feed that will be fed once the pigs are weaned.
Young pigs may play with the feed, but the goal is that they become familiar with it so that when weaned, feed will not be a new experience for them.
Remember to keep feed fresh and always provide clean, fresh, free choice water.