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New Purina® All Seasons™ Cattle Nutrition Program Offers Flexible, Convenient Solutions

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Shoreview, Minn. [September 1, 2016] – Purina Animal Nutrition introduces the new Purina® All Seasons Cattle Nutrition Program. The program delivers what producers are looking for in a cattle nutrition program: flexibility, convenience and proof that solutions work.
“Our experience in the field and feedback we’ve gotten from producers nationwide tells us flexibility and convenience are the top components of a great cattle nutrition program,” says Teri Otte, cattle marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition. “We developed the Purina® All Seasons Cattle Nutrition Program so producers can easily identify and choose from convenient solutions within the existing Purina® cattle product portfolio.”
The program covers all life stages – cow/calf, weaned calf, replacement heifer/breeding bull and grower/finisher – because each life stage has its own unique needs. It also covers every season so cattle can achieve greatness year-round.
The program is built on three distinct pillars:
1. Feeding excellence
Each life stage has its own goals whether it’s staying healthy through the stresses of weaning, maximizing pounds of gain in the feedlot or raising productive heifers and cows that breed back quickly. But, all goals have a common thread for success: high-quality nutrition.
“Healthy cattle don’t just look good; their potential is unlocked for future performance,” says Otte. “The Purina® All Seasons Cattle Nutrition Program supports healthy cattle in achieving greatness at every life stage.”
“Cattle that perform well can help deliver long-term profit potential. They are also in a position to successfully transition from one life stage to the next,” adds Otte.
2. Flexible solutions
With flexibility and convenience top of mind, the Purina® All Seasons Cattle Nutrition Program has feeding solutions that put producers in control. They can choose from options to fit their forage availability, labor resources, feed type preference and feeding facilities.
“Whether you’re a 100-head cow/calf operator or a 5,000-head grower/finisher, it’s easy to identify solutions that work for your operation,” says Otte.
3. Trusted legacy
Solutions within the Purina® All Seasons Cattle Nutrition Program have been demonstrated to work in more than 1,800 Proof Pays feeding trials across the nation. Producers are encouraged to see the proof through their own on-farm feeding trial.
“Doing what’s best for cattle means you’re doing what’s best for your operation. Ultimately, that means you can be confident you’re building a legacy that will last for years to come,” adds Otte. “Producers can trust in Purina’s legacy to help build their own.”
“We encourage you to see the results for yourself; find out if you qualify for a Proof Pays feeding trial. No matter the season or life stage, we are confident the Purina® All Seasons Cattle Nutrition Program has a solution for every operation,” adds Otte.
To learn more about the Purina® All Seasons Cattle Nutrition Program, talk to your local Purina representative, or visit ProofPays.com to start your feeding trial.