Whether your horse is an easy keeper or a hard keeper, you can depend on Purina to provide the right solution to meet the unique weight management challenges of your horse.

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Hard Keepers

Health conditions, age-related issues or inadequate calories can all lead to an underweight horse.

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Easy Keepers

Help your horse feel satisfied without unnecessary calories by exploring Purina® ration balancers.

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Unsure about your horse’s weight?

Body condition scoring is an easy way to find out what kind of shape your horse is in and help zero in on your horses’ unique needs.

How to body condition score your horse


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Monitoring body condition is important for good health

Most horses, including performance and growing horses, should have a body condition score of 5-6. Broodmares should be a 5-7 to insure optimal reproductive efficiency and should not be allowed to lose condition during breeding season. Horses with a score over 7 are considered obese and are at a greater risk for developing metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance.

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Calculate your horses’ feed needs

Ensure your horse gets the correct amount of feed based on their lifestyle, body weight and forage intake with the Purina® Horse Feed Calculator. This tool allows you to input information about your horse’s metabolism, forage quality and intensity of workload to provide individualized feeding recommendations.

Determine your horses’ feed needs

Choosing the Right Feed for Your Unique Horse

There are many considerations that go into selecting the right feed for your horse. Use the Purina® Feed Finder to explore nutrition options to help your horse achieve and maintain optimal weight, based on their unique situation. Be sure to keep your veterinarian involved when making a feed switch.

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My horses look amazing!

I switched to the enrich plus about a year ago now after my horses were both diagnosted with pssm1. They are both easy keepers. And this has really transformed them. I highly recommend for people wanting to make sure their horses are getting whats needed. Amazing what only a lb per day can do!

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Great results

Recently switched one of my senior horses to this feed with great success. He was declining a bit in weight and the ability to eat and utilize his feed and this product resolved those problems. He looks great and loves this feed.

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Great for putting on weight

Started my mare on this and within 2 months her body condition was much improved. She’s started gaining muscle too thanks to this and Purina ultium

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Finally something that work for him!

I tried many different product for wait gain. Duster is a TB mix and is definitly a hard keeper. When I got him a year ago he was already thin. Finally, decided to try amplify after holding out. Fed the recommended amount for 12 weeks and he filled in nicely!

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Take the Feed Greatness® Challenge

Need to adjust your feeding program to manage your horse’s weight? Sign up for the Feed Greatness® Challenge to try a Purina® feed or supplement for 30 days and see the difference in your horse.

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