Three Dairy Farmers Share Tips on Heat Stress Management

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Heat stress in dairy cattle is one of the leading causes of decreased milk production and reduced fertility in the U.S. during the summer months.

While heat stress is unavoidable, minimizing the effects of heat stress is possible through smart feed choices and cow cooling.
 Three dairy farmers share tips on heat stress management
Stop summer milk slump in its tracks
Lawrence Whiteleather of Whiteleather Holsteins in Minerva, Ohio, noticed milk production dropped significantly in summer. All signs pointed to heat stress. After consulting with his nutritionist, he tried Purina® Rally® Dairy Feed to curb the effects of heat stress in his dairy cows. Feeding Purina® Rally® Dairy Feed during the heat stress season helped improve feed intakes, efficiency and milk production
Post-fresh cows feel the heat
Brian Riegel’s herd in Washington, Mo. struggled with summer milk slump caused by heat stress, so he conducted an on-farm trial with Purina® Rally® Dairy Feed. Individual cow groups fed Purina® Rally® Dairy Feed showed significant production benefits. The highest impact was among post-fresh cows up to 150 Days in Milk (DIM).
Keep components steady
Jim Herron of Cold Run Jerseys in Salem, Ohio, was sweating the effects of heat stress on his herd. His nutritionist recommended trying Purina® Rally® Dairy Feed to combat to heat stress in his dairy cattle. Almost immediately, Herron saw feed intake and milk production increase . The improved protein levels alone covered the investment to add Purina® Rally® Dairy Feed to the ration. Now protein levels hold steady through the dog days of summer.
When it comes to proven nutritional solutions to combat heat stress effects, you don’t have to take our word for it. Read more about Purina® Rally® Dairy Feed. Call 800-227-8941 to see how Purina Rally Dairy Feed can help your herd during hot weather.

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