How Dairy Cow Nutrition Can Help Cool Your Herd

Cow : Heat Stress

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Weather is unpredictable, but it shouldn’t hinder your herd’s milk production.
When under heat stress, cows consume less feed and use more energy to cool themselves. The drop in dry matter intake (DMI), coupled with increased energy requirements, can quickly depress milk production, costing up upwards of $900 million annually.1How dairy cow nutrition can help cool your herd
So, what is the key to keeping cows cool?
Dairy cow nutrition can help ensure milk production and profit potential don’t drop as heat and humidity rise. Incorporating Purina® Rally® Dairy Feed into a herd’s ration early in the season can help maintain milk production throughout the year – regardless of weather. This patented technology delivers glucose and energy when intakes are challenged to maximize carbohydrates and dietary energy when cows need them most.
Proper nutrition for dairy cows is vital to maintain milk production during heat stress. But don’t take our word for it, see what dairy farmers and university research say about Purina® Rally® Dairy Feed.

Talk with your Purina Animal Nutrition expert today for more insights on dairy cattle nutrition and feeding, as well as how to help your herd overcome heat stress challenges.

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1Rhodes et al, 2009 JDS Collier et al, 2012 Ruminant Nutrition Symposium. Assumed 100 lbs/cow, 35% milk production loss and $16/cwt. milk price.