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New Oyster Strong System for Strong Shells

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Did you know that a constant supply of calcium is critical for strong shells?

Oyster shell is an important source of calcium in your hens diet. Most hens put a third of the egg shell on the egg at night, when calcium levels are low in their digestive tract. 

To support strong shells and fresh eggs, Purina® Layena® and Layena® Plus Omega-3 Premium Poultry Feed now includes Oyster Strong™ System, a blend of oyster shell with other vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and manganese, to ensure a supply of calcium will be available at night when your girls need it most. 

Watch the Oyster Strong™ System video to see how our formula works.

Read what our customers say after taking the Oyster Strong System 30-Day Challenge on
“When I switched to Purina® Layena® with Oyster Strong™ System feed, I immediately noticed a difference. Not only does the food last longer, the egg shells are strong and my hens are happy. I wouldn’t use any other feed for my hens.” – LJ33, BackYard Chickens member
“We’ve been feeding Purina® Layena® with Oyster Strong™ System for two months. The girls love it. Strong shells and great tasting eggs! I won’t feed anything else again!” – Susan B., Purina Poultry Facebook fan
“We were giving our hens oyster shells, but still getting soft shells. I switched to Purina® Layena® pellets and by the second day, voila! It was like someone turned on the hardening switch. My eggs now crack in a perfect ring around the egg.” – Stefanie L., Purina Poultry Facebook fan
“My hens love the Purina® Layena® with Oyster Strong™ System crumbles! Their eggshells are nice and strong. I love knowing that they’re getting everything they need from one bag.” – junieb609, BackYard Chickens member
“I have fed Purina® Layena® for the past four years. A few years ago, I was excited about the added omega. Now, I’m thrilled with the added Oyster Strong™ System. My birds are so happy and the eggs taste great!” – Mo B., Purina Poultry Facebook fan
“With the Purina® Layena® Plus Omega-3 with Oyster Strong™ System food, my girls’ eggs have strong shells, the convenience of complete nutrition is in a single bag, and my customers and family are getting lots of omega-3 for our health, too!” – Jenn White, BackYard Chickens member
“The Oyster Strong™ System makes me confident that I can feed my girls and they will produce quality, strong eggs without the need to supplement them with something else. Thank you for once again making an animal feed that meets the high standards and expectations that I have for my animals!” – bhemmerling, BackYard Chickens member
“We started feeding Layena® with Omega-3 and Oyster Strong™ System. The shells are strong and the eggs taste great. You can tell a major difference when they’re fed a good feed!” – Susan B., Purina Poultry Facebook fan
“My hens love it and lay great strong eggs. I love it too because the eggs taste so good and my girls are happy campers. I will continue to recommend this food to all my small flock friends.” – Kathy3367, BackYard Chickens member
“I switched to a feed with Oyster Strong™ System a couple months ago. It’s made a tremendous difference in the quality of my eggs.” – Amy T., Purina Poultry Facebook fan
“This is great feed. We have fed this to our small flock from the get go and had nice strong shells. Money got tough this winter and switched to store brand feed. Needless to say weak egg shells I will never do that again. there was such a difference in our eggs and chickens. Live and learn.” – Don L., Purina Poultry Facebook fan
“Our eggs are always strong and we never have broken shells. Oyster Strong™ System is working in our flock.” – Aimee J., Purina Poultry Facebook fan