Step One to Better Cattle Nutrition: Forage Testing

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WHY test your forages? 

Forages represent a large portion of cattle feed costs and are often the predominant resource on the farm or ranch. It’s hard to guess the quality of your forages by looks alone. Forage testing allows you to know the exact nutritional content so you can better utilize those forages and accurately supplement for peak performance in your herd.

WHAT can you learn?

 Forage testing assesses the nutritional quality of your forages. Most importantly, you will know how much energy and protein the forage contains and how digestible it is.

WHEN should you test?

Test your cattle forages before usage to build a plan to determine when and what life stage is appropriate to feed.

HOW can Purina help? 

We can help ensure you get a good representative sample of your forages for the most accurate test results, and then we can develop a cattle nutrition plan for your herd based on the analysis.
Ask your Purina® dealer how you can use forage testing to improve your cattle nutrition plan.