Cattle Feed Greatness® Challenge

Is there a better mineral solution for you? Challenge the status quo.

Cattle Feed Greatness® Challenge

Is there a better mineral solution for you? Challenge the status quo.

What is the Feed Greatness® Challenge?

The Purina® Feed Greatness® Challenge* is a 90-day mineral challenge that allows cattle producers to try Purina® Wind and Rain® Mineral. Along the way, record your progress, and we’ll give you the tools you need to interpret the results.

Then decide, what’s best for your cattle. Did we mention there’s a special discount too?

Receive coupons for $20 off of 10 bags or $40 off of 4 tubs of Purina® Wind and Rain® Mineral.


What’s Involved in the Cattle Feed Greatness® Challenge?

Once you sign up, you’ll get an email with your coupon and all the information you'll need to walk through the simple five steps over the next 90 days:

  1. Score external influences.
  2. Determine the right mineral for you.
  3. Order mineral. 
  4. Monitor the challenge weekly.
  5. Interpret the results.

We’re here to help. During the 90 days, we’ll send you occasional tips via email to help you through the trial.

Not All Livestock Minerals are Created Equal.

Salt blocks, trace mineral blocks or all-purpose minerals may not be giving your cows the essential nutrients required for optimal performance. At Purina, we’re big fans of giving cattle producers opportunities to challenge the nutritional status quo. Did we mention that we offer a discount for you to try our minerals?

See the difference for yourself, with Purina® Wind and Rain® Minerals, featuring:

  • The proper balance of all 14-essential macro and micro minerals
  • Consistent intake at target levels
  • The ultimate weather resistance
  • Choices in product type and formula

Why Purina?

At Purina, we measure greatness by the animals we feed. It’s what drives our research to maximize the potential of every animal, year in and year out. Because if there’s greatness on the inside, it shows on the outside.

Our expertise is backed by:

  • 90 years of research in animal nutrition
  • 24,000 animal nutrition studies
  • 90+ nutrition scientists, Ph.D. and veterinarians
  • 125 patents approved
  • 235 nutritional solutions for 24 species

No other company matches our legacy and commitment to animal nutrition research.

Feed Greatness Challenge v. Proof Pays Feeding Trial

The Feed Greatness® Challenge* is a self-managed, 90-day mineral trial. We also offer Proof Pays Feeding Trials which are managed in conjunction with your Purina representative or dealer. Proof Pays allows you to try any type of Purina product, from minerals to supplements, starters and beyond. If you have 50 head or more, you may prefer to work through a Purina representative. Trials last 28 to 120 days, based on product chosen. 

Find out if you qualify for a Proof Pays Feeding Trial.

Ready to take the Feed Greatness® Challenge? Fill out the form above.

*Trial participation not guaranteed