LucraFit® 420

LucraFit® 420

LucraFit® 420 is a complete swine starter feed formulated without lactose for pigs weighing 25 to 40 lbs. using LucraFit® Technology.

Features & Benefits

Improved flow

Fewer bin and feeder hang ups

No need for milk products in the feed formula

  • The use of meal form becomes an option
  • Milk price volatility is a thing of the past for these diets


  • Performance and cost driven research
  • Use with confidence

Supports a lower cost of goods for nursery feed

  • Optimal performance while possibly lowering cost/lb. of gain depending on ingredient pricing and availability
  • Better management of cash out-flow

Supports gastrointestinal function

Aids in the support of gut health, immunocompetence and nutrient digestion