What’s New in UltraCare® Swine Feed?

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Dari Brown, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Livestock Technical Innovation

UltraCare® swine nursery feeds have been reformulated to support better pig feed intake for excellent performance at a more affordable price.

Two primary changes include:
  • Breakthrough intake-enhancing technology that drives pigs to seek and eat feed after weaning
  • Revised novel ingredients that support greater gains at a lower price point
reformulated swine UltraCare nursery diets compared to previous formulaData showed that compared to pigs fed the previous UltraCare® nursery diets, pigs fed the new formula:1
  • Had a 1-lb. weight advantage at day 21 post-weaning
  • Had a 2-lb. advantage at day 42 post-weaning
  • Improved ADG of 4.5% in days 0-42
  • Improved ADFI of 4.3% in days 0-42
 These key performance indicators are important because Purina Animal Nutrition research demonstrates every 1-lb. difference at 32 days post-weaning correlated to a nearly 2.1-lb. heavier pig at finishing, making end-of-nursery weights the strongest predictor of finishing weights.2
What difference would heavier finishing weights make on your operation? See our swine nutrition solutions from wean to finish and connect with your local Purina representative to learn more

2Summation of Purina Animal Nutrition trials: PS1041, PS1035, WF006, WF007, FT142N-15 and PMI Nursery-Grower Transition Pak.