Maintain Performance After Pig Vaccinations

Dari Brown, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Lifestyle & Livestock Technical Solutions

A study was conducted at Iowa State University to evaluate UltraCare® Gel supplementation’s effect on pig performance during vaccination time.
Pigs were placed in pens based on initial body weight and then randomly assigned to treatments: 1) vaccination without UltraCare® gel, 2) vaccination with UltraCare® gel, 3) no vaccination and no UltraCare® gel, or 4) no vaccination with UltraCare® gel.
Vaccinations were administered on day 10 after weaning and pigs received gel from days 9-to-11 after weaning at a rate of 0.5 pound per pig, per day. Pigs received common diets throughout the nursery period (days 0-42 after weaning).
Pigs fed gel the day before through the day after vaccination demonstrated a beneficial performance out of the nursery; when compared to pigs not receiving gel during vaccination (Table 1). Furthermore, pigs supplemented with gel but not receiving vaccination also demonstrated a positive effect on performance during the phase 2 period (day 7-to-14 after weaning); when compared to pigs not receiving gel or vaccination. Overall results are shown below.

Table 1. Beneficial effect of feeding gel during vaccination

As this table shows, pigs supplemented with UltraCare® Gel were better able to overcome the impact of vaccination, exhibiting higher feed intake and weights than those that did not receive gel.
The benefits of supplementing with UltraCare® gel are attributed to its unique formulation. UltraCare® gel includes a high moisture content and natural intake enhancers designed to encourage intake, maintain hydration, and support intestinal health during times of stress such as weaning and vaccination.