Start Strong.
Finish Stronger.

Every day counts, and every pound gained in the nursery adds to your potential profit. Don't leave your bottom line to chance. Give your pigs the strong starts they need to make stronger finishes.
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Customizable to Fit Your Needs

The Purina® Progress to Profit Program includes more than 16 proven swine nutrition products that span each stage of production from pre-wean to finish. Pick and choose from these to optimize the best solution for your operation.

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Effect of Wean & Nursery
Weights on Finish

Research shows stronger, heavier pigs at weaning are more likely to reach their full potential quickly and efficiently when proper nutrition is provided through all phases. Beginning with a solid start and feeding a quality, well-defined program, producers can save on overall input costs and days on feed, helping each pig progress to profit.


For every pound increase on weaning weights, data shows an increase of 1.8 pound on day 32 post-weaning weights.


For every pound increase in weaning weights, data indicates an increase of 3.9 pounds in finishing weights (140 d).


For every pound increase on day 32 post-weaning weights, data shows an increase of 2.1 pounds on finishing weights (110 d).

Purina Animal Nutrition Center: 1,770 pigs; 197 pens; 8-10 pigs/pen; Average weaning age: 19.5 days


Progress to Profit™: In the Field

Victory at Weaning

worker at Walk Stock Farms of Neoga, Illinois

"By getting pigs onto dry feed faster after weaning, we've seen big dividends down the finishing line. The UltraCare® products have helped to minimize downtime. The pigs are now quicker through the weaning period. And when they hit the finishing pens, their performance just really takes off."

Walk Stock Farms, Neoga, Illinois - 4,700 sows, gilt multiplier herd

Mike Kleinhesselink of Orange City, Iowa

"Once we made the switch to the electrolytes, the results were almost immediate. Water consumption and the consumption of UltraCare® 100 starter feed went up dramatically in the first 48 hours. Pigs were no longer stalling out for up to 5 days at a time. But, best of all, almost all of the pigs received a passing grade at 48 hours after arrival."

Mike Kleinhesselink, Orange City, Iowa - 2,500 newly weaned pigs arrive every four weeks

Jentzi Lash, sow farmer, River View Farms of Orleans, Indiana

“As soon as we put the Purina® UltraCare® Creep Feed in the feeders, the pigs went right to it and started eating. Our weaned pig placement technician has reported that since we started feeding the UltraCare® creep, the pigs are easily starting on feed in the nursery and wean to finish. They handle the transition well and move on to starter feed quickly.”

Jentzi Lash, sow farm manager, River View Farms, Orleans, Indiana - 3,400-head breed-to-wean facility