Do You Believe the Perfect Animal Exists?

Do you think it’s possible to achieve the perfect animal? Clay Elliott put that idea to the test and teamed up with a group of computer graphic artists to create his version of a perfect market lamb.

the Pursuit of Perfection.

We paired one of our Honor® Show Ambassadors, Clay Elliott, with CGI artists to create his perfect market lamb which highlights the features he believes are award winning. From photographs to base structures to the final result, Clay’s vision played an integral part through every step.

We know that perfection is an ongoing journey, but with the right nutrition you can achieve your vision of a champion market lamb. To keep the conversation going, check out our Purina Show Facebook page.

Clay’s Champion Market Lamb.

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“The exchange for winning is blood, sweat and tears. Work, practice and quality nutrition must all be in place. The barn is your training ground!”
- Clay Elliott
Clay Elliott

Clay’s Tips on Raising Your Perfect Market Lamb.

When it comes to raising the perfect market lamb, it’s much easier said than done. So that’s why Clay Elliott, is sharing with us his tips on raising the perfect market lamb.

  1. The combination of great genetics, quality nutrition and proper animal husbandry is the best recipe for success.
  2. Hours in the barn practicing and preparing to be successful is a must.
  3. There are no shortcuts in the stock show game.

The Process of Perfection.

View Clay’s process on creating his perfect market lamb with a CGI artist.

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