Steven Britton

Steven Britton

Poultry Sales Specialist



Texas A&M University


Steven joined Purina Animal Nutrition in 2021 and has 20-plus years of experience in the poultry industry from previously working in production with Fieldale Farms and Zoetis. He covers Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and a few accounts in Georgia and South Carolina. He works primarily with egg layers, layer replacements, and broilers, and has hatchery technical service experience.

Steven works with poultry producers and feed suppliers across the Midwest. He is a member of the North Central Poultry Association, Indiana State Poultry Federation, Ohio Poultry Federation, Tennessee Poultry Federation, Georgia Poultry Federation, and on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Poultry and Egg Association. Steve received his master’s in business management from Texas A&M University.

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