Katie Young

Katie Young, Ph.D.

Senior Nutritionist & Product Manager, Equine Technical Solutions

I feel very lucky that not only does my job support my passion for horses, but my passion also supports my job



Texas A&M University


Dr. Young works directly with fellow horse owners and trainers, sharing her knowledge of equine nutrition and digestive physiology.

“One of my main tools in nutrition consulting is a digital fish scale,” says Dr. Young. “Many horse owners don’t realize they need to weigh their feed and hay. With a digital fish scale and a tall kitchen handle-tie trash bag, we can simply pour a scoop of feed into the bag and weigh it with a scale. The kitchen bag is also just the right size to weigh a flake of hay.”

Dr. Young conducts daily feed formulation work to ensure feed formulas are running correctly in production. “What makes us better is quality testing, our Constant Nutrition® formulation, certified suppliers, our team of equine nutritionists and the research we do behind the scenes to keep our formulas at the forefront of equine nutrition,” says Dr. Young.

Dr. Young’s research expertise and interest includes:

  • Mineral nutrition in horses.
  • Exercise physiology, including electrolyte requirements of working horses.
  • Addressing nutritional needs of draft horses.

“Participating in the development and launches of products such as Ultium®, Ultium® Growth, the WellSolve® line, Strategy® Healthy Edge®, Mini Horse & Pony, Enrich Plus® and the Impact® horse feeds has been very rewarding,” says Dr. Young. “The most fun accomplishment has been providing ongoing nutritional consultation to the Budweiser Clydesdales, and seeing the horses flourish on our nutritional programs.” 

Dr. Young holds a doctorate in equine nutrition and exercise physiology from Texas A&M University, where her research focused on mineral requirements of resting and exercising horses. She currently owns five horses, provides riding instruction, and trains and competes in hunter/jumper and eventing.

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