Emily Otto-Tice

Emily Otto-Tice , Ph.D.

Senior Nutritionist, Swine Technical Solutions



Purdue University


Emily “gets” pigs. She also gets research and technology. Her specialty? Combining all three.

Emily gets that every farm is different – starting with her own. With a farm background herself, Emily’s goal is to help you understand how new feed technology could help you ride out market volatility or reduce risk to your farm.

How could feeding less crude protein affect manure odor? Emily can explain it. She can also tell you how specific combinations of ingredients can positively impact nutrient digestibility and pig performance. Or, depending on your goals, she can show you and your kids how to get started with project pigs, providing the correct shelter, pen design, and basic feeding and care guidelines.

Emily shares your goal of taking great care of pigs while being profitable to sustain the business for the next generation. When she’s not at work, she’s out in the barn with her husband teaching their kids valuable life skills that come with caring for animals.

Emily earned her Ph.D. in swine nutrition from Purdue University, where she researched growth improvement and nutrient digestibility in growing pigs and poultry. She holds an M.S. in non-ruminant nutrition from Michigan State University and has worked with the Indiana Soybean Alliance and Indiana Corn Marketing Council, Indiana Pork, JBS United and Christensen Family Farms.

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